Visual Inspection Devices for Laboratory
or small production

Design and manufacturing of optical benches for inspection of pharmaceutical containers



Desktop optical benches with one or two inspection areas.

They allow the inspection of filled or empty containers
as ampoules, vials and syringes.



- Lighting systems with manual activation
and intensity control

- Setup of any devices available by means of control board

- Magnifying lens provided of adjustable joined support
and housing for additional optical filter.
Any moving axis have a position indicator.

- Colours lightings systems available

- Low powering consumption device (<150W)

- Plug&Play (no installation or special training required)

- Quick size change.





Optical benches with advanced automation functions.

These devices are an extension
of the fully manual optical benches.
They are provided of its own structure,
and are also equipped with automation devices
which allow to implement
automatic and configurable functions.
They are also provided (as option)
of infeed and/or outfeed systems.
Shortly you can figure out these devices as small machines.



Any inspection area provides
more lighting devices,
background with different colours
and motorised systems
by rotating the container under inspection.

Programming the activation of any devices,
including its intensity,
permits to carryout
a lot o different inspection environments.
Any inspection environment, if well set up,
may highlight special kinds of defects.

As instance, a good light setting
together a proper background,
may highlight both reflecting and non reflecting defects.

The automation software, which control the machine,

allows programming a lot of different inspection environments
that may be automatically activate in sequence.
Such a kind of feature is powerful because
allows carrying out an accurate inspection
using a only one inspection place.
In fact using a standard machine
to obtain the same inspection accuracy
you should need of as many inspection places
as many different inspection environment used.