for ampoules, vials and bottles content liquid, powder and lyophilised products

The IM600 series is a group of visual inspection machine
highly configurable and suitable
for a wide range of inspection application.
The inspection is carried out by means of a operator.
These machines are designed
both for stand alone and inline applications.



- Compact and single frame machine

- Main control panel with easy and ergonomic access.

- Frame and metallic surface
in Stainless Steel AISI 304
(On request is also available in stainless steel AISI 316)

- Easy access for maintenance and cleaning operation.

- Safety covers made in aluminium structure
and provided of spring system
to make easy its opening and closing.

- An ergonomic inspection area gives
to the operators the maximum comfort as possible.

- Magnifying lens provided of jointed support
for a quick and easy positioning.

- L.E.D. lighting systems with light intensity control.
The control of the different sources light
is available by means of parameters on the Panel View.

- Rotation unit of the inspecting containers
with speed control.

- Continuous motion of the conveyor system

- Programmable inspection speed

- Electro-mechanical protection systems on all motion axis.

- Complete control of all parameters via Panel View.

- Parameters password protected
and organised by different access level.

- Special functioning designed for maintenance only.

- Manual rejection system

- Outfeed "good containers" on tray



- Semiautomatic rejection system (IR barrier)
with sorting device and addressing
of the rejected container in a dedicated tray.

- Auxiliary fast spinning system with programmable speed

- Programmable conveyor motion: continuous - indexed

- Courtesy light within the inspection cabinet.



- Manual feeding, with trays by means of motorised belt.

- Automatic feeding, for inline connection.



- Lane for inline connection

- Outfeed of the accepted containers in tray at 90
of the line flow designed on customer specifications.

- Sorting of the rejected container
organised by typology of defect.
A different collecting tray
will be available for each kink of defect.



- Ampoules DIN 1ml ... 20ml

- Vials DIN 1ml ... 100ml


On request, the machine can be arranged
to process non-standard containers.
May also be inspected other containers
as pre-filled syringes or cartridges.



- Inspection speed 10...75 containers/min
relating to container dimension


- Electrical Power 400VAC Tree phases + neutral and ground

- Compressed air  6 bar
(model with pneumatic rejection system only).



All the machine are provided with documentation
compliance with FDA
& GAMP references Rules


Any machine are strongly customised
around customer needs.
The application software
and especially the access level to the parameters
are always agree with the customer.



Visual inspection machines series IM600
with in line connection

IM600 basic
stand-alone configuration

IM600 Advanced

Is the higher version of the IM600 series

This kind of machines are suitable
for those field of inspection
where the inspection efficiency has to be extremely high.

The core of the machine is the inspection area.
Instead of a optical lens, the container to inspect
is look at through a TFT monitor
connect to a HI-DEFINITION colour camera.

A special L.E.Ds. lighting source allows
to highlight kinds of defects
hardly detectable using standard illumination.

The rejection of those containers
identified by the inspector as "reject"
is carried out by a fully automatic system.

On request it is possible install a special outfeed system
to allow the sorting of rejected container by typologies.

A single inspection machine can be equipped
with one or more independent inspection area.

Each area requires an its own inspector.
These feature allows to divide
the inspection of a container in sub parts

The motion of the containers
through the inspection area is intermittent (step motion).

The time-length of the stop motion,
time available for inspection,
can be programmed by means of a parameter
available on the panel view.


Container allowed   ampoules/Vial
Inspection speed     up to 30 container/minute