Automatic Inspection Machine
for ampoules and/or small vials content liquid product

AVSystems designs and produces
fully automatic inspection machine
for a wide range of applications.

This group of machines allow the inspection
of different containers as ampoules,
vials and bottle content injectable products.

All machines are designed
for a specific purpose around customer needs.
But any machine shares some features
to other ones of the same family.


- Single frame compact machines.

- Main control panel user-friendly.

- Operator interface (HMI) Touch screen

- Panel Printer or laser external printer (paper size A4)

- Setup or Production reports on customer specification

- Hi resolution CCD digital cameras

- L.E.D. Lighting systems
for narrow and powerful lighting sources

- Motorisation full brushless.

- Diagnostic functions
on all control systems (sensors and driver)

- Easy access for cleaning and maintenance operations

- Fast size change without tools.

- No vacuum or compressed air sources required.

- Rejection device fully electronic controlled.

- outfeed of inspected container by tray
designed on customer specifications.

- Manual feeding on motorised belt
or automatic inline feeding, also for ampoules


- Particles inspection inside the injectable solution,
both reflecting and non-reflecting particles.

- Filling Volume inspection.

- Cosmetics defects as shape or dimension of the container.

- Ring code inpection

- Cap or tip inspection (depending by type of container)

- Others control may be evaluated


- Ampoules DIN 1ml... 20ml
- Vials 1ml ... 30ml

Special machine are available for carry out the inspection
of non standard containers or container with higher volume.


Series MC6K  ---> 30..100 container/minute
Series MC12K ---> 50..200 container/minute
Series MC24K ---> 150..400 container/minute

Maximum inspection speed
depending from the container's size.
The above rate referring to a DIN 2ml ampoules.


Documentation provided with a machine is compliance
to GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) rules.



Fully Automatic Inspection Machine

     Processing containers    Ampoules 1..5ml DIN/JAPAN
     Rate Speed                   up to 400 ampoules/minute
     Feeding                        Inline feeding
     Oudfeed                       accepted/rejected ampoules
                                        on independent tray



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